Mr Love...No Ego Motivational Speaker, Consultant, and Life Coach


"Just Leave Your Ego Out of It"

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Mr Love No Ego, A Developer of People and Life-Enhancing Coach

Freddy is a professional speaker, mentor, personal trainer, educator, author, and founder of The Love No Ego Foundation, a nonprofit, youth-serving organization located in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

"Serving the youth was and still is my first love. But I clearly see that the message and teachings of the Love...No Ego philosophy are also needed by all of us. So here I am to offer it to professionals and people from all walks of life"


Freddy's  LoveNoEgo philosophy serves as the foundation for pushing the human spirit into greatness. He delivers powerful and relevant presentations, mentors, consults, and conducts workshops for individuals, teams, and organizations around the world.


Freddy utilizes and demonstrates his pillars and  principles to enable participants to grow and perform better than their everyday pressures, and gain optimal performance! His approach improves their overall awareness and sustainability, promotes self and team development, helps them to notice the ego and where the limitations are, and gets them truly excited about living life!

A Developer of People - Life-Enhancing Coach

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  • Native of Buckingham, Virginia

  • Former College Athlete

  • Former Music Artist

  • Former Counselor, Life-Skills Coach, & Case Manager

  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism - Radio Broadcasting

  • Master of Arts in Psychology

  • Master of Arts in Organizational Development and Leadership

  • Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach

  • Wilderness First Aid Certified

  • Former Educator

  • Toastmasters International Member

  • Author


Freddy is wonderful at tailoring his presentation to his audience. Wonderful at guiding his audience to/through the principals of Love No Ego in such a way that they can relate each principal to personal experiences rather than his just telling them the principles. 

Lisa Churchman - Region Ten Dual Recovery Group

Freddy brought an encouraging and powerful message about presence to our group of fathers. I loved how he spoke about how important they are in the lives of their children and how crucial it is to be present in their life and learn with them as they grow.

Jessie Gonzalez of Monticello Area Community Action Agency 

Freddy accepted the call to come and present to a group of our teens and young adults with no problem and presented with such and ease and confidence in sharing his story as well as the Love over Ego concept. What a great model we have in him. Glad he is in our community and has the capacity to offer so many services to our youth and young adults. We look forward to welcoming back to our organization for a goal setting workshop.

Latara Ragland. - City of Charlottesville Human Services 

Freddy's compassion is contagious!  This world needs more Freddy Jacksons!
Kara Chandeysson - Ting Internet, Charlottesville, VA City Manager



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Click on any service listed below. 

Freddy inspires people, teams, and groups to be their best selves, showing them how to live from a space that attracts the true desires of their heart, and gain optimal performance in life. Virtual sessions also available. 

Benefit from a day or multi-day Love...No Ego workshop of activities designed to educate individuals and employees. Obtain and hone pillars, principles, and strategies to progress professionally and personally.

A one-on-one, 1-2 hour consultation with Freddy provides guidance to help you maximize your potential and goals. Virtual sessions also available.  

A life-empowering and energizing session with Freddy! One-on-one, 2-4 hours, taking a deep dive into finding, securing, and then living and working, within your purpose!

Spend three (3) sessions with Mr Love...No Ego and gain "The Foundation for Success and a plan to move forward with living your best life. An awesome and empowering dive into being the best You.

"The philosophy, pillars, and principles of 'Love...No Ego' that I bring, brings truth to all circumstances, challenges, and obstacles.

Once clients and participants feel that truth within themselves, there's no looking back. They develop a foundation that can't be shaken. The ego and its little friends, such as fear, negative self-talk, greed, jealousy, hate, and every other limitation does not even stand a chance!"





"Understand why you make the decisions that you do. Identify what space occupies most of your time. Is it your natural Love-space, or is it the egoic space. Learn how to tap into the real you and remove the limitations of this world. You're Universal! Be YOU!"

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Mr Love...No Ego Motvational Speaker and Life Coach - & Nature Boy Portraits

Nature helps to hone in on the message of "Love...No Ego". Freddy is a nature-boy. He loves being out in Nature. These are actual photographed  moments captured locally and nationally by Mr. LNE himself. Purchase your high quality print and frame it today! 

All proceeds benefit The Love No Ego Foundation

Mr Love...No Ego Portraits Store - Nature Boy Portraits


The Love No Ego Foundation

The LoveNoEgo Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit foundation that provides real-world development for youth and young adults ages 10-24, utilizing its principles, Love over Ego, Love over Fear, & Communication over Conflict, helping them to overcome challenges, find purpose, and live their true greatness.


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Mr Love No Ego Freddy Jackson