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Consistency Session Pack 

Spend three (3) sessions with Mr Love...No Ego and gain "The Foundation for Success and a plan to move forward with CONSISTENCY in living your best life. An awesome and empowering dive into being the best You.

Attain the pillars, principles, and strategies to live your best life!

Inner Purpose to Outer Purpose

Aligning who You are with what You do

Being Into Doing

Understanding who You are, and taking action

On The Frequency of Miracles

Live the life you want to live, attracting miracles every day into your life


Have Daily Goal Attunement and Accomplishment

Become a Natural Leader

Become Healthier

Go Beyond Your Challenges

Find Purpose to Your Life

Sessions last 1.5 hours minimum, 3 hours maximum! 

Life-enhancement coaching!

Pick-up and drop-off transportation available!

Note-taking materials included!




"OMG! This session with Freddy changed my life! I can honestly look back and say that since that very day, my entire outlook on life has changed. Even on the day of the session, I discovered and accomplished things that I'd never thought I would. Things that I didn't even know existed within me. I already booked another one for a month later."

Lucas  -  (North Garden, Virginia)

"Freddy has a way of naturally motivating you to be your best self. On top of that, the pillars and principles that he has me practicing have instantly brought abundance and miracles into my life. I feel like I woke up a new person. And the old me was just asleep, settling and allowing life to do me. Now, instead, I'm doing life. And it feels great! Thank you, Freddy"

Patti  -  (Charlottesville, Virginia)

"When Freddy worked with me through his written material, specifically"The Youser's Manual", I was literally in tears. But tears of release, joy, and freedom. I carried so much weight from things that had nothing to do with my day-to-day happiness. When I started with Freddy, my happiness rating was a four out of ten. Afterwards, it quickly jumped to a nine! I feel so good and just really grateful. Thank God for Freddy and his mission. He is really heaven-sent."

Brooke  -  (Keswick, Virginia)

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