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Events and Partnering Opportunities

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Consider partnering with Mr. Love...No Ego, Freddy Jackson and The Love No Ego Foundation by sponsoring a presentation, conference, workshop, or talk.  Connect your business to an awesome cause, and get your brand and story in front of new people. And most of all, make an impact by serving the greater good!

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Your Sponsorship Perks
To provide more impact, we are only permitting one person/business for each presentation.

Presentations are usually 60-90 minutes. Workshops and Events are usually 1-4 hours. 

In return for your sponsorship, you and or your business can receive:

  1. Connected to a trusted and impactful message and brand of Love...No Ego.

  2. Your company logo and brand advertising on presentation slides.

  3. Several verbal mentions and references during the presentation/conference/event.

  4. Several social media and newsletter mentions leading up to, during, and after the event.

  5. Your company literature present on site along with my brand of Love...No Ego.

  6. Receive photo and video confirmation showing your business materials/literature and overall engagement.

  7. A 60-second video of you, the CEO or business representative, speaking and sharing a few words (if/when applicable)

  8. Your contribution helps to provide mentoring to a youth in need with a percentage benefitting our nonprofit work - Courage to Be You Mentoring Program

  9. Community: One of our Four Pillars is community; connecting people, especially young people, to the community through various projects, workshops, and events, we help to develop an attitude of helping and giving while inspiring them to bring changes in society. We want to promote and highlight our sponsorship with you, the sponsor, to show that we, Love No Ego Foundation, are actively involved and connected with our community, which includes corporate businesses, nonprofits, as well as community members. 

Steps to Sponsorship:

  1. See available sponsorship opportunities below.

  2. Contact us via email or phone regarding specific talk/presentation.

  3. Set up details and logistics for your sponsorship.

  4. Secure your sponsorship at

Presentations and Events available for sponsorship
(all presentations and events are in-person unless noted virtual)


Contact Sponsor


Address any questions, comments, or concerns, contact:

(434) 262-0442

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