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 Inspirational and transformational lecturer and speaker, social-emotional learning (SEL) mentor, health and wellness trainer, educator, author, and founder of The Love No Ego Foundation.

Connect with one of the best to ever inspire! Freddy Jackson, Mr Love...No Ego inspires many through his daily and weekly text messages! This is real! In the moment! Not some robotic app trying to please the human spirit. Nah, this is Mr Love...No Ego himself connecting with you, bringing you the real, taking you beyond the daily pressures of the world and into purposeful and authentic living! Catch a quick preview of inspiration on his social media channels:

  • Mr Love No Ego
  • Instagram - Mr Love No Ego
  • Mr Love No Ego of The Love No Ego Foundation
  • Twitter - Mr Love No Ego
  • YouTube - Mr Love...No Ego
  • LoveNoEgo Podcast Motivation
  • TikTok - Mr Love...No Ego
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Text Inspiration



Every month

Inspiration straight to your phone! Daily to weekly inspirational text guaranteed to keep you motivated!

Valid until canceled
3 day free trial

Text may include a photo and or video

2-5 text messages per week

Short, reality-filled inspiration

Just $7 per month

Opt out anytime

3 day free trial

Free consultation available for ongoing clients

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